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Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Libre LE PARFUM 50ml

Yves Saint Laurent Libre LE PARFUM 50ml

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LIBRE the signature scent, now at its most intense.

LIBRE the signature scent, now at its most intense. Twisted with a spicy saffron accord.
Starring Dua Lipa, Global Fragrance Ambassador for YSL Beauty.


LIBRE, the French word for ‘free’, pays tribute to YSL’s enduring spirit of empowering people to live their lives as authentically and unapologetically as possible.

Since 1961 authenticity has dressed the YSL woman: fierce, bold, unapologetic.
A woman powerful like ocean waves crashing against the shore. 
With fire burning in her soul, like flames flickering in the breeze. 
Bestowing strength, like an eagle soaring through the sky.

To embody LIBRE is British singer song-writer Dua Lipa.

For the untamed, the ones who dare to turn up the heat and embrace their power to the full, YSL Beauty introduces new LIBRE Le Parfum. 
An intense grand floral fragrance boasting spicy saffron top notes, an abundant floral bouquet at its heart, and a smooth, velvety base. 


The new LIBRE Le Parfum brings intensity and spice to the LIBRE floral signature.

A fiery take on the orange blossom and lavender Libre signature, this new flamboyant fragrance makes an olfactive statement with its unapologetically spicy notes. Crafted exclusively for YSL, the saffron accord is at the heart of the fragrance and harvested directly from our Ourika Gardens in Morocco, a tribute to Mr. Saint Laurent’s favourite ‘fleur de feu’, the saffron flower. The spice of the key notes is set against a smooth and velvety base which fuses delicious vanilla and honey with warm vetiver for depth and intensity.

Crafted by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm.

•    Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, ginger, saffron accord
•    Heart notes: orange blossom, diva lavender heart, lavandin heart
•    Base notes: vanilla bourbon, honey accord, vetiver

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