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Sunnamusk Abid Ambre Eau De Parfum

Sunnamusk Abid Ambre Eau De Parfum

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Abid Ambre Eau De Parfum is a captivating perfume due to its floral base with a woody base and citrus notes that create the top-selling scent. It's one of the signature collections and among our most beloved and popular scents.

When you first apply it, you'll be able to smell fresh and citrusy high notes of mandarin grapefruit and lemon. Then, you'll be able to feel the rich flowery middle notes that include roses and orchids as well as the lily. It is possible to smell the dry-down as a mix of sweet sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It lasts for a long time. It is described as a modern classic scent. It's easy to wear during the daytime and can be worn with professional attire that is smart. It can be worn alone in a formal and intimate evening setting.

Prepare to be totally captivated by the intoxicating scent of Abid Amber. The deep, warm and devastatingly elegant fragrance arouses the senses. Once experienced, the expertly crafted masterpiece results in a yearning for more. One of Sunnamusk’s all-time scents for good reason.

The scent epitomises a refined gentleman with a strong presence who cannot fail to be ignored. He is unique, understated and always classy. Well mannered, with an old school Hollywood charm.

Abid Amber is a modern, classic signature scent. It is mellow enough to be worn in the day and pairs perfectly with sharp business attire. The scent comes into its own in a formal or intimate evening setting.

With moderate projection and excellent longevity, the fragrance is office appropriate, but do expect to be showered in compliments! 

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